We Impacted Lives through
Yoga, Mindfulness and Connection

A 501(c)3 non-profit organization

Dear Friends and Supporters,
With a heavy heart, we, the Board of Directors of AIM to Empower, announce the difficult decision to end our organization's programming on March 31, 2024.  This decision came after much consideration and reflection.
AIM was born out of the Baptiste yoga tradition of seeing what is possible for ourselves, our community, and the world.  AIM embodied that spirit and did just that for seven years for Central Pennsylvania.  AIM to Empower has been dedicated to empowering lives and communities through the transformative power of yoga, mindfulness, and connection. Together, we have accomplished so much and positively impacted countless lives. From providing accessible yoga programs to underserved populations to fostering a sense of community and belonging, our work has touched the hearts of many.
We want to express our deepest gratitude to our supporters, program partners, and Yoga Guides, who have been instrumental in our journey. Your unwavering support, dedication, and passion have been the driving force behind moving our mission forward. Because of you, THOUSANDS of Central Pennsylvanians now have the tools to improve their physical and mental health. AIM also provided many of us with a powerful channel to fulfill our desire to give back to our community.

We take solace in knowing that the impact of AIM to Empower will persist in the lives of those we have served and the communities we have touched. While our organization may end, the spirit of empowerment and compassion that defines us will continue to inspire others for years.

Thank you for being a part of our journey and your continued support.
With heartfelt gratitude,
The Board of Directors
AIM to Empower
Reflecting on our impactful journey since 2017, AIM to Empower has been a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change, using yoga, mindfulness, and connection to uplift lives and communities.

Having touched tens of thousands of lives, our greatest joy will always be hearing from those we serve, in their own words:

It is our hope that we've built a wellness-centric foundation upon which others can build. Please support those organizations dedicated to extending the benefits of wellness to all.


Together, we rise higher when we *all* have the opportunity to thrive.