AIM for Community

We aim to provide our community with access to the life changing benefits of yoga.

Make a Donation

Your generosity will directly support bringing yoga, meditation, and connection to underserved
people in our community. All donations go towards continuing our existing programs and
expanding into even more spaces. For example:

$25 DONATION - provides a yoga mat for an A.I.M. to Empower outreach event

$50 DONATION - provides one school year's worth of incentives for a student participating in A.I.M. to Empower school program (includes items such as: pencil, bag, stickers, poster, yoga mat, t-shirt)

$100 DONATION - sponsors one outreach yoga class to underserved population in our community

$1,000 DONATION - provides one class per week for an entire year to an underserved population

$3,600 DONATION - provides training for a new yoga teacher to serve an underserved population

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Tempo Clubhouse
Our AIM yoga practice is so valuable to us as a mental health community because it teaches us about self-acceptance. Helping us to understand our strengths, limitations, and possibilities. The instructors with AIM have been so supportive and encouraging to the members of Tempo Clubhouse. Partnering with AIM has helped many members experience yoga for the first time and that helps people build the confidence to continue to learn new things! As a community, we are learning and growing together through our yoga practice and it wouldn't be possible without AIM's dedicated and caring instructors.
Sarah Hurst, CPRP, CESP
Program Director
, Tempo Clubhouse
Lancaster Recreation Commission
Our partnership with AIM to Empower is invaluable. The willingness of their team of volunteers to reach our community is infectious. The free programming we have created together has not only helped people become more physically active, but, more importantly, it has broken down barriers of fear, created unity and instilled empowerment in Lancaster’s youth and adults. Yoga is a safe, non-competitive space. Staying present and using meditative practices reduces stress and enhances self-awareness and balance. We are not only introducing an activity, we are shifting the culture in our community.
Audra Landers
Director of Athletics and Recreation
, Lancaster Recreation Commission
Get Involved & Volunteer

Are you moved by the results of providing yoga to all members of our community? Do you have a skillset that might help to move our mission forward? Volunteer work is another essential aspect of A.I.M. to Empower. Volunteer as a yoga guide or to help with fundraising events.