Our Stories

Dive into a world of change with insight from our staff, our students, and our community. These aren't just stories, they are peoples lives empowered by their yoga practice.

"Progress is impossible without change...
those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything"
- George Bernard Shaw

The stories of our guides
  • Britt Beals
    We want to bring our community and their community together
    Britt Beals

    Britt Beals began teaching for A.I.M. over two years ago as one of their founding teachers. Her own personal yoga practice is an incredible tool that helps her connect to herself on a deeper level, and she found herself coming back to her mat again and again. Britt noticed as she continued to practice that she was now able to utilize self-regulation, to acknowledge and give back to herself through compassion and love, and to give herself the opportunity to pause and be okay with exactly where she was at.

  • Charles Linares
    Breaking Down Perceptions About What's Possible Through Yoga
    Charles Linares

    A.I.M. to Empower yoga teacher Charles Linares began practicing yoga in August of 2018. The practice fell into his lap one day when he passed Evolution Power Yoga’s studio, as he did so many times before. This time, however, he noticed a month-long special for new students. He jumped on the opportunity to finally try yoga, and immediately, he fell in love.

  • Philomena Behmer
    Finding Relief from Pains & Injuries Through Yoga
    Philomena Behmer

    A.I.M. to Empower yoga teacher Philomena Behmer has at least a decade of yoga practice under her belt and has been teaching for seven of those years. She first began her yoga journey to find relief from running pains and injuries and found that yoga helped instantly. In fact, she credits her ability to continue to run to the practice.

  • Debbie Rill
    Encouraging & Supporting Through the Practice of Yoga
    Debbie Rill

    Debbie Rill was inspired by A.I.M.’s desire to create communities that encourage and support each other through the practice of yoga. She began her journey with A.I.M. as a volunteer and a board member. Debbie now coordinates the programs and outreach as well. From their humble beginning, she has now helped organize their efforts to prison populations, people living with mental illness, people in addiction recovery, sex-trafficking victims, and homeless women and children. Through the joy of yoga, they have also supported English Language Learners, youth detention facilities, and after-school elementary programs. They partner with organizations such as the Lancaster Recreation Commission and Community Action Partnership of Lancaster to serve their participants, too.