Do you have a heart to serve? Do you have a skillset that might help to move our mission forward?

Our volunteers are the heart and soul of our nonprofit organization.

A.I.M. To Empower welcomes all volunteers

A.I.M. volunteers are compassionate individuals that bring the transformational tools of yoga to our community members, with a passion for service and often an experience of personal transformation themselves through their own yoga practice.

That’s what we’re looking for! Our volunteers, such as our yoga guides, are the heart and soul of our nonprofit organization. In fact, it’s our volunteers who created A.I.M., and if not for their continued support, we couldn’t continue to provide support to our community.


Make a Difference

Our incredible volunteers help by guiding yoga at the classes we provide to underserved communities at one or many of our programs. We are also always looking for volunteers to assist in our fundraising efforts and events. Please note, it is not a requirement to be a certified yoga instructor to be a yoga guide for our programs. All you need is the PASSION and we will find a space for you to volunteer with us!

For further requirements on volunteering with A.I.M. to Empower, please see the links below. We’re so grateful for your desire to help with our mission.


Instructions to Volunteer

As a way to help ensure the safety of the people that we serve through the organization and in accordance with PA Act 153, AIM to Empower requires that all paid employees, unpaid volunteers, and board members submit to background and child abuse checks.

For more information, please see our resources.


Our Current Programs

Empower Communities
with the Practice of Yoga

A.I.M. to Empower builds community through partnerships. We take yoga outside of the studio and bring it to organizations of all age groups that serve education, mental health, prison systems, addiction recovery, youth intervention, teen parenting, transitional housing, and so much more. If you’d like to see what we can bring to your community, please reach out.

Our Programs